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I haven't seen this in the FAQ but it is something that gets on my nerves:

Threadjacking is when someone posts a question/request for help etc, and then someone comes along and posts in the SAME thread: "I have a similar problem (only different), Help me with MINE!"

This bugs the hell outta me.

If your problem is the same as the OP, then simply watch the thread and see if anyone posts a response.
If your problem is different than the OP, post your OWN thread and ask for help.

I'm not exactly sure why it bugs me, just that it does, and I have been seeing it a bit more here recently, usually by new members who don't know any better.
I call these Drive-by Threadjackings, because most likely, they searched on google for their problem (which is a GOOD start), found their keywords in a post here, and posted a reply.

It is my opinion that threadjacking disrupts the continuity of a thread, and therefore I propose that threadjacking be addressed as a "no-no, BAD DOG, No Biscuit!" in the FAQ.

</rant off>

Comments, criticisms, flames welcome :)
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Wants some coffee? (Scotch maybe?)

I have to agree with you. Happened to me not so long ago and confused the heck out of me

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