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Just wanted to ask a question about networking but I can't seem to find a specific forum for this (or maybe I'm just not looking hard enough). If there isn't one, maybe a dedicated forum for this topic would be handy. Thanks.

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If i was asking a question about networking, i would try the hardware forum.

Not a bad idea though.
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Its a good idea but depends on what the traffic is like for networking problems.

If there aren't alot of people asking about it theres no point in a dedicated forum.
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I asked this many times before and after becoming a moderator and the answer was no and still will be no. (Even though I personally would love to see one).

Primarily our purpose is Webmastering and Design and Development.

Networking is an entirely seperate ballgame and if it were to be done right it really would require it's own space in the world with the multiple sub-catagories it deserves.

However, we do support networking questions when they come up.

If your questions are primarily related to hardware and physical setup, then Hardware is probably the best board.

If it's in relation to Windows networking and Administration, the Windows board is appropriate.

If it's relative to networking Linux systems, try the Linux boards.

There are many members here that are network Administrators and would be happy to assist when they can.

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