Two things I've noticed most lately

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Out of all the things that have changed at Ozzu with the last update, there two I notice more than anything.

1) I don't notice as many junk posts packed with signature links. I haven't actually sat back and determined whether there are actually less posts of the sort being made of whether they're still being made and posters just don't realize there's no signature yet though. I just know when there isn't links to knockoff Gucci bags or travel tickets under a post that says "thanks for sharing" it doesn't look so bad.

2) It's soo much nicer having code blocks with a max-height now. I would much rather take the split second to move my mouse towards the side of the page so my scroll wheel doesn't get stuck scrolling the code block when I'm trying to scroll the whole page like it is now VS having the take a couple of seconds to get to the next post scrolling past a monster piece of code. I know I could probably just grab the scrollbar and move it too, but I generally browse using my home/end/page[up|down] keys, mouse gestures, and the scroll wheel. Grabbing that scroll bar isn't comfortable for me.
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Hat's off to the guy who moved the main menu button to the left side. It was such a simple idea & so helpful.
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Glad you like the change :)

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