Weird Logging Glitch

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Post 3+ Months Ago

It just happened for the first time and I'm not sure if it will happen again, but I will say it here nonetheless while I can :lol:

I tried logging in today, everything went fine at first (or so it seemed). I submitted the form, it took me to that page where it tells me that it was successful (The page that redirects you to the home page), so I just pressed on 'View your posts' I have on my favorite links... then I was sent to the login page telling me that I have to be registered and logged in to view my posts.

Okay, not a huge deal, I logged in and was in an eternal loop like that. That is when I had the grand idea of sending the webmaster an email with the form provided on the site about it.

The option that was selected on the field for the problem had 'Forum Login Problem" selected, so I thought it was expected... then I checked the rest options and learned that it was the first option, so that must be why it is selected.

ok, no problem, I continued to fill out the form until I realized that the captcha wasn't showing... I saw the question, but not the picture captcha where I have to fill in the numbers/letters combination.

Ok, no problem, I turned off my ad-block plus addon for firefox, refreshed the page, but it still isn't showing... a problem.

I submitted the form anyway and it told me that the Question was wrong (even though I answered it correctly), the form was incorrectly filled in (Even though I filled everything correctly), and the captcha was wrong (obviously).

I closed firefox, ran ccleaner.exe and restarted firefox. Now everything works correctly.

If this was due to some fix or something on this site, you probably expected someone to post the problem :lol:

Just posting this in case it happens again to me.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Very odd, not sure what would cause this.

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