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Would you like to have the auto-notify option for your favorite forums?

Poll ended at February 15th, 2004, 3:02 pm.

    Yes! I would love to be auto-notified
    No, I am not interested in being notified. I can check myself.
    That sound interesting, but I don't understand why you need that.
    Thats a great Idea! I have that option in my other sites/Forums. Works great!

What I want on OZZU.COM

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Hello fellow peers,

I am new to Ozzu and am very interested in all that happens here. When I signed up, I did not see a option to be notified when a new 'TOPIC' has been created for the different sections in

I would like to have an option that will allow me to be emailed whenever a new 'TOPIC' is created under some of the different forums.

I suppose if there is an enormous amount of members, this may drag down the server for Ozzu. However, I know that there is always a work around to every matter.

1. Maybe you could offer points to people that can host your email file. The script would require asp, php, etc login for the server and then would mail out the emails.

2. Maybe a dedicated server could be made for handling all emails sent out.

3. Limits could be made as to how many Forum sections you could enlist for. Example: you will allow a user, (like myself) to sign up for 3 sections that will notify me when a new subject is created.

4. There is always a fourth, but I suppose I need to know more of the complications for this matter. Or, maybe it will be easy to do and there won't be any problems.


Thanks for listening!! Oh, if you wonder why I am interested in this, it is because I get somewhat tired of getting pumped up for a new discussion only to find that everything is resolved and that I am TOO late.

And, there is a LOT of info to read through, so I would rather be notified as soon as a topic is listed.

I also know the frustration of working late night, and being stubborn. So I know how hard it is to wait until morning to get a reply. Often I am playing a game late at night and could easily offer advice or solutions.

Thanks again everyone!

Moderators - great job and great site!
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I voted for the second option, the 'no' option,. with how many topics get started here, your e-mail would fill-up so fast it would start rejecting messages, they have the different colored icons so you can tell what is new, and what is not...
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moved to suggestions forum

and i have to disagree here. getting emails every time a new topic is
created would be both annoying and redundant. Especially considering
the entire forum tracks every member's threads that have been read

I hate the email notification, and I always disable it. The only
time I get any emails from forums is if I get a new PM.
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I have to agree with the no votes. I can hardly keep up with the new topics when I've been gone for only a few hours, let alone have to deal with the bulk of emails I'd have. I've even disabled PM's since they are readily noticed on entry here.
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I agree, the only time that would be usefull is if one new topic was created each month, but if you had that notification for 'gerneral fourm' wow, mega space waste

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