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I used to regular Ozzu, but now it seems hard to navigate.

First of all, from the main page, I can't see the forums, only at the right. And this is against my intuition. It also doesn't tell me anything about the forums, except the vague titles. I understand, maybe some people want to see headlines, but not everyone. And most I don't care about.

Secondly, now in order to even so much as log in I have to have JavaScript enabled. Not only that, but it's all hidden under a tiny little 'Main Menu' tab at the top. I can understand wanting to hide a lot of options, but really Login and Register should be easy to find.

Sure, you can work around these. They're only inconveniences. But I believe the purpose of a forum is to make it easier to share information.

What does everyone else think?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

The forum is here:


On the main page of Ozzu there is a link that says "View Webmaster Forum", there is a plan in the works to make it easier to access the three main areas of Ozzu:

-Webmaster Forum
-Website Templates
-Website Hosting

On the main page above the headlines it will be more clear on how to enter those areas soon. Thanks for the feedback.

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