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You can use this tool to find out the Google Pagerank of any webpage. The Google PageRank Checker tool also allows you to enter multiple URLs one per line, comma-separated, or tab-separated. To check the Google PageRank of a website, webpage, or domain name, please enter one or more URLs below and then click on the Check PageRank button.

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With the latest Google Toolbar update finding the Google Pagerank is much more difficult than it used to be, hopefully this tool has helped make things easier for you.

PageRank is used by the Google Search engine to measure the importance of documents throughout the entire web. When a webpage links to another website the hyperlink counts as a vote towards that page. The PageRank of a page is defined recursively and depends on the number and PageRank value of all the pages that link to it. So if a webpage has a high number of pages with relatively high PageRank values linking to it, then that page would likely receive a high rank itself. A webpage that has no links to it would receive a PageRank of zero because there are no votes of support for that page.

PageRank is just one of many signals that Google uses to help rank webpages for different key phrases. According to Google they use over 200 signals to figure out how a page ranks, many of which are confirmed via a Google Patent on August 10, 2006. Some of these other signals include on-page factors including keyword in the URL, domain name, titles, headers, body, and much more.


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