LS 120 floppy disk set up for Susse 9.1

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I am an old fart, a retired ER Doc, ow living in Ireland. I started with Linux a year ago, being fed up with a bloated, expensive and buggy Windows.
I find it hard sledding, though I have an inkling of code writing.
I just bought a new computer and installed Susse 9.1 distro.
I would lke to hear from anyone else that runs Susse 9.0 or 9.1 for advice.
Of course some of my problems are generic, so I would welcome any advice.
My immediate concern is setting up a LS 120 floppy disk. I was told that it cannot be done with the same code entry in the fstab file as a normal floppy, but must be comfigured as though it were a hard drive.
Has anyone experience with this? I tried the latter approach but my error Msg. is "can't read the superblock" . In addition to that, in the IDE DMA set up in the YAST module, I am unable to turn the current DMA Mode to "ON" from it's position as "OFF". I get an error Msg. "Error occurred while activating changes."
Any help is appreciated.
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To the best of my knowledge, those issues were resolved with kernel updates back in 1998, IIRC.
Your LS120 should be available and recognized, though you may need to do some kernel modifications for IDE/ATAPI FLOPPY support.

The following URL shows how to modify your kernel , generically speaking. YMMV. ... e252.shtml

If you have devices on your IDE bridge which are not DMA capable, you should get errors.

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I'll look into that. I also found a Util. on
I'll let you know how I make out.

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