2410 plugin-container running at 103% of CPU (Ubuntu 13.04)

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I'm running Ubuntu 13.04 on one of my PCs. I noticed it was laging when I opened Firefox. The plugin container is running at 103.6% of CPU when I use the top command. I think this has to do with the Flash player plugin and Flash content in general. How do I set the priority of those processes and threads.

By command line?
By code?

Or something else?

Any suggestions would be awesome. :D
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If the program you are referring to is already running, you can renice the pid via the command line. The values you can set for renice would be anywhere from -20 to 20. Zero is usually the base scheduling priority. If you renice a program to be 20 that means it is super nice and will only run when nothing else in the system wants to over it. A negative value typically means that the process is given higher priority and is less nice as it will try to eat more of the resources as soon as they are available taking priority over others. So for you I would try to renice the process to 20 if it isn't a priority to be running. From the CLI (command line interface):

Code: [ Select ]
renice +20 PID

You can always type man renice to see the other options as well. PID is the process ID.

Now if you want to make sure the program always runs with a low priority (high nice value), you just need to make sure you start the program via nice like so:

Code: [ Select ]
nice +20 ./someprogram

Again type in man nice from the CLI if you want to see the other options. Hope that helps!

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