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we are using the proxyserver called as SafeSquid.we have the following

extended log format:

field's of our extended apache log format:

1) 604

2) (IPADDR of orgin)

3) "" "" ( User field)

4)[27/Nov/2006:12:22:19] (date format)

5)"GET http://mail.google.com:80/mail/?ik=2e69 ... vrftb0khlc" (Request)

6)200 (http status code)

7)169 (bytes transfered)

8)"http://mail.google.com/mail/?ik=&search=inbox&view=tl&start=0&init=1&zx=fpozgo9mac06" (referer field)

9)"Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; en-US; rv: Gecko/20061025 Firefox/" (User Agent)

10)text/javascript (Content-Type)


12) "filter-section"(eg,mime filter,url filter,keyword filter etc)

please help me me how can i configure this, in a awstats "extra" section.

especially the " last section"

hel me :wink:
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I dont get it .... you want to use awstats for the logs of your proxy server ? Or your asking for the code for Awstats would use to decode the above log file ?
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hello friend,

i have to say thanks for ur replay.

exactly i need the code for above log format.

have a fun
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Hello aaru,

If you want to configur awstats log format you waht specific which extra you put .In awstats they already give "ExtratX" you want replace "X" as numbers ok.
for e.g. Filtre Section for you "extra1" & in last filed Extra section is in Awstats configuration file. They have metion Exmaple for us see.

# Example to report the 20 products the most ordered by "order.cgi" script
# ExtraSectionName1="Product orders"
# ExtraSectionCodeFilter1="200 304"
# ExtraSectionFirstColumnTitle1="Product ID"
# ExtraSectionFirstColumnValues1="QUERY_STRING,productid=([^&]+)"
# ExtraSectionFirstColumnFormat1="%s"
# ExtraSectionStatTypes1=PL
# ExtraSectionAddAverageRow1=1
# ExtraSectionAddSumRow1=0
# MaxNbOfExtra1=20
# MinHitExtra1=1

you change the value. I have changes done it to see below

ExtraSectionName1="Filter section"
ExtraSectionFirstColumnTitle1="Filter section"

You try it this &Them you see the ouput of awstats see last section it will show "Filter Section"



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