Adding my own Nessus plugins....

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im not sure if im in the right forum to ask this but ill just give it a try....

got a problem here in Nessus plugins.....
i downloaded Nessus 3.2 server and client in MY OS is Ubuntu.
i started reading Nasl script tutorials coz i wanted to add my own Nessus plugin....

i checked somewhere in the net how to add a plugin....
- stop nessusd
- copy <myscript.nasl> to /opt/nessus/lib/nessus/plugins/
- run ./nessus-update-plugins -v
- start nessusd

i tested my script by running nessuscmd(new commandline scan in nessus 3.2) in the terminal.. it worked..

but in my NessusClient... i cant see my plugin....
i searched the Family/Category in the "Plugin Selection Tab" for my script... can't find...
i tried searching for my script's unique ID... still can't find....

now... how can i get my script shown in the NessusClient Plugin Selection Tab..........

thanks guys in advance

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