Audio, Chipset, Graphics drivers.....sooooo confusing...HELP

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Hey there, just got my internet working on Linux so now i'm trying to install everything. However this isn't going too well for me. You see to get my network to acces the internet I had to buy a new network card and re-install rh9 then everything worked, but when i install my motherboard drivers my onboard network card (which doesn't seem to work) takes over and I lose internet. So...I try and download individual drivers such as sound card and install them manually but I can't seem to install them right!

:cry: :oops:

somebody please help me,

(being cheeky :twisted: ) if anyone fancies talking me through it my AIM is iamgarvey01, I really would appreciate the help :D
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You should be able to run dmesg, which will show you the device name for both network cards.

Figure out which one is the onboard and remove support in the kernel -- recompile and you should be good to go.

You may be able to simply shut it down in the bios as well -- disable the device before the machine comes out of post.


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