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ey...I need some help on configuring my webserver..

what I wanna do is to make my webserver accessible on the web.. it works if I typed in my IP address.. where do I put the masks for it..for example (myname.something.something) ?? ? ...

by the way..I don't have plans for putting up a business on the web yet, I just wanna learn. heheheh

I'm a programmer..and I thihk I need more about unix systems
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Look for guides on configuring an apache web server (asumming that is what you are going to use) it is more or less just editing a configuration file and making an apache account (that might be made aleady) and have apache running with that account.

to get myname.something.somehting, I am pretty sure you will have to buy a domain name or use some type of url forwarding service. since you are just testing this out and playing around with the server, I recomend holding off until you have it all figured out. Also since it would be running from your home computer, unless you have very simple web pages, a lot of your bandwidth will be eaten up pretty fast, if people start going to your server.

Plus if you have a router you will have to forward port 80 to the right computer.
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You don't have to buy a domain if all you intend to do is test.

Just hop to, and get a free dynamic DNS host.

You'll be set.


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