Creating a cluster/grid that is scalable?

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Alright, well I guess i spent too much time writing my post and my session expired getting rid of all my stuff... with no ability to press the back button to get it back! *CRY*

Anyways aside from that, I'll keep this new post short cuz im sad.

I'm looking to set up a cluster/grid of some sort and am wondering what kind setup i need. I figure this is the better forum to post it in.

As far as my foggy understanding goes I would need a minimum of 4 servers (or maybe 4 virtual servers would suffice?)

[*]load balancer 1
[*]apache server 1
[*]mysql server 1
[*]file server 1

And if for instance apache becomes over loaded, i can add [apache server 2] and [load balancer 1] would distribute connections appropriately? Thus being able to add more servers as needed?

Would there ever be a need to add a second load balancer (Aside from any type of fail safe for "single point failure")

I've done a little research but nothing seems to be quite what i'm looking for... its all super computing with hundreds of computers clustered together.
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Apparently, there are different load balancers for different types of servers. Pound is a simple one for web servers running apache on Unix.


Anders Nordby <

_______________________________ ... ancer.html

MYSQL Load balancing. ^^^^^

Load balancing in Windows. ... 84941.aspx
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Unfortunately, I fall into the latter category -- thousands of systems behind a massive GSLB and SLB framework.
I've not attempted to do it on a smaller scale, though the science is sound.

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