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hey, i own a domain name known as icelizards.com, and i have a server known as icelizards1.dyndns.org and icelizards2.dyndns.org, and i would like to know how to make my server into a nameserver with Bind, but i dont know anything about Bind. Can somebody either please tell me how to make a nameserver or tell me where to find the info? thanks. bye
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You won't be able to make your server into a BIND nameserver if it is on a dynamic IP address because the rest of the internet won't know how to contact it, unless you're talking about using the BIND nameserver purely for your internal usage - but I can't really see any point in that :)

I don't suppose that helps a lot but feel free to reply if you've further questions on the topic
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if you has already set your bind on your server to icelizards1.dyndns.org and icelizards2.dyndns.org then you only need to point your domain to it.

If you didn't set your bind yet then if you're using CPanel go the yourdomain.com/whm and login as root go to Nameserver's on the top list insert the first nameserver which is: icelizards1.dyndns.org and the IP you want to use on this name server click ok then insert the another one with another IP address,,

If you're messed and you dont know what to do or you couldn't make it replay a post with more information about you machine OS version control panel you're using thats will be helpful.


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