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Here is my problem. I need to access my ISPs mail server when on a wifi hotspot. My ISP uses unencrypted POP.

Also, I'd like to be able to send messages, again using my ISPs mail server, on an insecure connection that is NOT with my ISP. My ISP uses an unauthenticated SMTP server, but it can only be accessed internally.

What I'd like is some sort of POP and SMTP proxy that I can run on the linux box at my house. Connect to that using encrypted POP and encrypted SMTP, and it forwards the connection to my ISPs mail server.

What software can i use to do this?

Oh, and I can't use a vpn, because the hotspot uses a captive portal with a keepalive popup, meaning that as soon as I open the VPN, the keepalive popup dies, because it trys to access a server that only allows access to hotspot users. I'm using the hotspot, but the connection is being routed over the vpn, so the keepalive dies.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Certainly it's plausible to set up a relay function from your home.

Should provide you with all the details you require; make note of the subsection regarding 'Postfix on hosts without a real internet hostname' as you will most likely be using your IP and a NAT. Which means read the section on nats as well. :)

Basically just read the whole thing. :)


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