Fedora Core 4 - Install Problem

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I just installed FC4 on a crappy box i have at home, i installed it and the whole process just went smoothly. I used my other powerful box for the install and changed the hard drive later on. The problem i am having now is that when i start up the system it goes up to the boot screen, shows that FC4 is starting up in 6 seconds, after it reaches 0 it automatically reboots for some reason and it continues to do that. If any of you gurus have a way to fix this i will be thankful.

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You can't do this unless your powerful box has the same core specs as your low-end box. This means at a minimum they both have to have the same motherboard, chipset and processor.

You need to do it right and install the OS on the system it's going to be running on. This hardly means just installing it to a hard drive and hoping for the best. The only way this might work is if you made the hard drive able to load every imaginable driver you might possibly need and treat it like a live cd - but there's a lot more to this than just clicking "next" through the install.

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