freebsd php5 install in ports not working?

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OK I have a feeling that this is going to have a really obvious answer or something, so...

I have installed php5 via. ports, apparently.... everything seems to reference php5... however, when i run phpinfo() it still insists i have php 4.4.2 installed... i have the entire server to no avail

also - does upgrading to php5 from 4.4.2 also upgrade gd image?

any ideas?
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do you have the locate command on your FBSD install? i'd try a 'locate php' and see what turns'll probably get a lot of results but after you see some maybe you can narrow the search..
also, in your httpd.conf file, which version of php is it loading the lib for? you may need to comment out a line for php 4 and/or add a line for php 5..
and have you restarted the apache service? it may be a dumb question, but i forget the little things sometimes so i'd assume others do too.. lol
about gd, what version of it does phpinfo() say you have?

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