How to build a FTP Server base on proftpd?

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Hi all,

I am new on the proftpd, and now my company ask me to build one.

Our need is simply, but the security is a bit complex.

And I had experience using FileZilla FTP Server or other Winodws base FTP Server at home, they can using one directory, but make as many user as you want, and base on the user, give each user have different permission on the same directory, for example, user kei can full control, user catherine only can upload and make subdirectory only can not download, del file, user eric only can download the file and subdirectory etc ....

And my boss is poor, so ask me using a old PC build up a Debian 3.1 server to be the FTP base on above Windows FTP Server fuction, but I don't know how to set up same thing like the Windows FileZilla FTP server do.

1. on same directory, for example, /home/company, using it for the root of the FTP directory

2. User permission on this directory,
User: uploader (Upload and make subdirectory only, can not del)
User: downloader (Download and subdirectory only, can not del)
User: eric, kei (Full control)

I installed the proftpd already, and it now running, also I using root maked the /home/company this directory already, and add all other user to the same group of company this user. and setting up dwrxwrxw-x on /home/company

So now the /home/company is look like this

drwxrwxr-x company company company

Anyone can tell me how to make proftpd do like the windows FTP Server do on this user permission control step by step?

Thx for your time

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