How to generate a list of files retrieved by wget?

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I use wget to mirror a large, convoluted web site, retrieving only those files that are new or updated. Both the local and mirrored site run on Unix.

Does anyone have a script to identify files that were retrieved?

Ideally I'd like to automatically generate an email to myself when files are retrieved.

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You must have some sort of a loop or something to do that. If your scripts are running to retrieve list of files and once all the list is over you. The best thing is to use a loop, something like this:

Code: [ Select ]
while true
  1. while true
  2. do
  3. wget$VAR
  4. LIST<<$VAR
  5. done;mail<LIST

This will work out, just make the modifications. $VAR is for the files you are looping to wget and LIST is the file which will be populated in the end. Make sure you run the whole thing at once, or put it in .sh script and fire.. In that case, once the loop is over the mail command will pick up..


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