How to make a screen capture on RedHat 7.3?

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Hi all,

I am new to this forum. Just want to say hello to all of you here.....

I have a question here, and wish to know how do you do a screen capture on RedHat linux 7.3 on X windows ?

like on windows, you can do it by Crtl + print screen,

Is there anything like that on Linux, if there is.... how ??.. so that I can capture the shell command prompt.

Do I need any software or what package do I need to install to do this ??

would anyone help me out here ??

Thank you
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Thats a good question. I looked up on the web a few solutions. Try some of these and let us know if any work:

If you mean you'd like to capture your screen, you gotta use "The Gimp". Just take a look on one of it's great features, right from the "Xtns" menu. there's a screen capture feature right under. Once you have the screen captured, you can save it as any file format you want and print it the way you like it.

xv will also capture and allow you to print X window screens. If you want to print a regular console screen (without X) you could try

cat /dev/vcs | lpr
which will print out the text on the current screen to your printer,
vcs1 for the first virtual console, etc.
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cool finds....thx bigweb :D

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