Installing Mail-SpamAssassin-3.1.2

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hi friends,

I am using Mandriva 1.0.6-1 mdk 2006 ... When i try to install Mail-SpamAssassin-3.1.2 .. This is the error message:

[root@ns1 Mail-SpamAssassin-3.1.2]# perl Makefile.PL
What email address or URL should be used in the suspected-spam report
text for users who want more information on your filter installation?
(In particular, ISPs should change this to a local Postmaster contact)
default text: [the administrator of that system]

NOTE: settings for "make test" are now controlled using "t/config.dist".
See that file if you wish to customise what tests are run, and how.

checking module dependencies and their versions...

NOTE: the optional Mail::SPF::Query module is not installed.

Used to check DNS Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records to fight email
address forgery and make it easier to identify spams.

NOTE: the optional IP::Country module is not installed.

Used by the RelayCountry plugin (not enabled by default) to determine
the domain country codes of each relay in the path of an email.

NOTE: the optional Razor2 (version 2.61) module is not installed.

Used to check message signatures against Vipul's Razor collaborative
filtering network. Razor has a large number of dependencies on CPAN
modules. Feel free to skip installing it, if this makes you nervous;
SpamAssassin will still work well without it.

More info on installing and using Razor can be found
at .

NOTE: the optional Net::Ident module is not installed.

If you plan to use the --auth-ident option to spamd, you will need
to install this module.

NOTE: the optional IO::Socket::INET6 module is not installed.

This is required if the first nameserver listed in your IP
configuration or /etc/resolv.conf file is available only via
an IPv6 address.

NOTE: the optional IO::Socket::SSL module is not installed.

If you wish to use SSL encryption to communicate between spamc and
spamd (the --ssl option to spamd), you need to install this
module. (You will need the OpenSSL libraries and use the
ENABLE_SSL="yes" argument to Makefile.PL to build and run an SSL
compatibile spamc.)

optional module missing: Mail::SPF::Query
optional module missing: IP::Country
optional module missing: Razor2
optional module missing: Net::Ident
optional module missing: IO::Socket::INET6
optional module missing: IO::Socket::SSL

warning: some functionality may not be available,
please read the above report before continuing!

Writing Makefile for Mail::SpamAssassin
Makefile written by ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.17


Can you help me solve this problem?
Will you find me the files that i needed to install?

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Mandrake is an RPM based distribution, which means you shouldn't be installing anything from source.
Code: [ Select ]
yum install perl-Mail-Sendmail

I'd go one further and state that you shouldn't be using a second rate distribution, that you should be using either FC5 or Ubuntu, but to each their own.

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