Internet connection on LINUX machine in XP environment.

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This is my network senario :

I have windows XP server. I am having 25 XP machines & 5 Linux in this network. I am having broad band connection via ADSL modem which is connected to a LAN card . Another LAN card is connected to router & switch so all the computers access the server through router.

I also run APACHE web server on my XP server. I have a data entry software running on server which requires a fixed IP. Hence the static ip has been provided to server as The router has been configured & ip is being automatically provided to all networked machine through router. Anyway LINUX machines have fixed ip. The software is accessed through browser from all networked machines including LINUX.

Internet browsing is possible on all windows XP machines in the network but not on the LINUX machines. I want internet connection on LINUX machine also.

Since my server - XP has a fixed ip due to the software running on it ie My router's default configuration ip is I am using NETGEAR router. In this case, if I do internet connection sharing, will it not hamper my total configuration ? Because if I do internet connection sharing on my XP machine, it will allot as the ip address which I need to add as gateway from other pcs. BUT,
I have to give to my server. It cannot be given as else the data entry software will not run. The router's default configuration ip is .

Please help !!!! ITS URGENT..... :(
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I am not sure if I follow this entirely, but will take a shot.

If you want to share your XP, and you are using 192.168.0.X now, you will run into issues as that is the same range (with a 255 netmask) that XP will use to provide DHCP addresses.
You can either hack the registry to change that ( unless you know what you're doing, I would not recommend that) or use the "router" you have.

(I am guessing when you say "router" you are not talking about say a Cisco 7500, but more like the linksys variety).

If you have something that is either providing your server with an IP via DHCP OR you are setting a static IP on it via this device, why not just enable DHCP on it, and permit everything on the switch to grab a lease from it?

Am I off here, is this a large scale enterprise router? Do you have a device (other than the XP box) that provides DHCP? How do you set the static for it? If it's trivial, set a static on the Linux boxes as well.

Maybe I just don't get it.

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