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So, I've been working with PHP for a while now running under different servers for windows and other Linux servers that are setup as a LAMP auto-configured and have ran ever since. I've recently loaded up a linux distro that I needed to install apache,mysql,php on and so I just apt-get them and everything went pretty well, but I noticed a couple of issues with my PHP5 ext directory and it's ini.

1. It's under like usr/lib/PHP5/20060626
2. There's only like 5 .so files
3. My php.ini file had no directives in it

Well, I thought I could just get the .so file figuring it was like a .dll for windows and I could add the .so file to the ext/ directory and then just add the extension to my php.ini. Unfortunately, I'm not finding .so files that I can download in a bundle. I thought I could untar a linux distro and just get them from it's ext/ directory but that didn't work.

Is there a command I can run from the CLI to download and update the modules of my PHP5. I can go in and edit my ini file if need be cause I'm only going to turn a few on, however, if it auto-configured I wouldn't have to worry about order.

Furthermore, I didn't know if Linux gets configured differently nowadays to use most base modules simpler because I don't have (though I do have the file in my ext/ folder) in my php.ini but I can use phpmyadmin.

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