Linux Post-Installation Partitioning

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Hi guys!

I've got two hard drives in my comscooter - one for windows, the other for linux (fedora core 3). Now that Sun have made Solaris 10 free to download, I'd like to put that on my second hard drive, along with linux. Is there anything in Fedora to let me easily partition the drive? If not, how would I go about partitioning my 80Gb drive into 3 partitions:
1) The linux partition, for Fedora Core 3 (I reckon on 20Gb).
2) The Solaris partition (10Gb or 20Gb?)
3) The remainder, accessible from Windows XP (so as I can store my mp3's/backup stuff etc).

Cheers guys,

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You can install partition magic in your windows xp and then have partition magic make a second partition on your second hd to store solaris.
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Check and see if FC3 comes with parted. There is also a nice GUI version of it Qtparted.

Parted is basically a linux-clone of partition magic. From the site:

It seems to support the resizing of Windows Partitions. The features page doesn't seem to indicate it can resize ext2/ext3 (default fs for FC3 I believe) but in the documentation it says it supports most of the features of parted, so I'm pretty sure the page is in error.

Considering the fact that ext2/ext3 were the default linux fs, I'm sure the program has support for resizing them.

Good luck.

You can get tq parted at:
If you prefer using the commandline the page for parted is:

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