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I need suggestions for a linux Mail Server that can send and recieve SMTP and POP3. A real mail server that can be configured for domains i own (multiple domain support), any reccommendations woudl be great . thank you
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There is the the famous sendmail server. I believe it's the most common email server currently.

Then there is Postfix, which I found on serverwatch.

Doing a google showed Exim also. I've never had experience configuring an mail server but sendmail is generally installed with most Linux distro's I believe.

Qpopper says they are the most widely used POP3 server so I'm guessing their pretty good.

Then there is fetchmail which supports both POP3 and IMAP.

From doing a quick search there seemed to be a LOT of mail servers. Lots of them are opensource and should be pretty good.

If I were to setup a mail server I would probably use sendmail and fetchmail
a)because there names sound alike :D
b)sendmail because it's so popular
c)fetchmail because it supports both POP and IMAP

I would first decide what your planning on doing with this mail server and then choose the right mail servers.

Note. Serverwatch has a great little survey that compares different servers, I would go there to check it out:

Good luck.
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I run some very large scale email servers for a few multinational ISPs. In this environment we are using Qmail for the majority of our end user mail connectivity.

A VERY reliable and secure system is to go with this

qmail as the base
vpopmail as the pop3 virtual hosting (non system users)
qmailadmin to manage the users (cgi scripts makes it nice)

this can be integrated into a db backend like mysql, postgres, oracle etc.

We have scaled this system to just a tad over 100,000 users on a few servers distributing the different aspects of the email system.

~If you install qmail with all the instructions listed on you can also use one of the best rbl "firewalls" on the market (rblsmtpd) to reject any rbl listed IPs before the email is accepted thus reducing the incoming spam before it clogs up the system with false from addresses etc.

There is a good FAQ @ ... sassin.php

The best IMAP service for Maildir support is courierimap :)

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