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Can someone please tell me how to login in to get administrator privlages.
I have a 300 gig Hdd (external) that I plug into the USB port but I can't access the Hdd because it says I don't have adminstrator privledges, how do I get those privledges to read the Hdd. It won't let me login in as root when I start the system. Also I need admin for installing programs.

Thank you,
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If you have a user login to use, login as that user and run: su root
It will ask for the root passwd.
Enter it and do whatever you want.
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you'd actually just need to enter su
no need for the word root after it
you can also enter su - (notice the minus sign)
if you'd like to be in the terminal as though
you were logged into the computer
as the root user

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