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I'm new to Linux and have a dedicated server that I recently had video share software loaded onto by the company I purchased it from. After the support staff loaded it, they sent me an email saying that my "modules" were not correct.
I ask for specifics, and they sent me an email with 4 items that needed to be addressed. svn checkout for Mplayer, lame source file not installed, flvtool2 not installed, and install codecs.
While I know how to edit files on the server, I have no clue where these things are, and my search tool on the server doesn't seem to help.
I also checked in my "Add modules" option, and there were none.
Can anyone help me?
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You probably have to add them through the command line. I'm sure they are already on the HD in whatever packages RH uses. I use FreeBSD so I don't know exactly where they are found.
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What version of RedHat is this? That's going to determine which repos you can use - and you'll have to add at least one to get flvtools. Once you have the right repos, it's just a matter of (as root):
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up2date install subversion lame-devel flvtools mplayer

I must say though, it looks as though you mean to install mplayer from source on an RPM-based machine, if you do this, you'll lose your customized version the very next time you attempt to update the system or install/update any packages dependent upon mplayer. If you must install from source for whatever reason, you should be building an RPM or using a source-based distro, like Gentoo.

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