I need help with ports on sendmail.

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Hallo everyone.

Can anyone help me to change the pop3 port on sendmail,
We closed port 25 on our server and opened a new one due to security reasons.
The problem it that I now have a couple of websites that sends forms using php and sendmail that is no longer working.

This is quite an urgent matter, will appreciate any help from you guys/girls.
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Well I believe the pop3 port is 110 anyway, not 25. I think port 25 is the SMTP port for sendmail.

However when other people send mail the servers will try to connect to port 25 to complete the process. I do not recommend changing your sendmail port to anything different or your mail may not work at all. What are the security reasons why you do not want it on port 25?
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I run into this all the time with the installs I do. For some reason they
think shutting down every single port in the world is the best security
measure on an internal network. This is just not the case.

I've dealt with a few network admins that simply refuse to open an
smtp port (which is 25 btw). What they had done is set up a port
re-route, so that anything outbound port 25 actually left via 1633 or
some cockamayme choice.

I agree with Bigwebmaster 100%. It's not recommended nor necessary
to shut down any of the standard web ports IMO. It's just asking for far
more trouble than it's worth.

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