Need Samba Tutorial

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Does anyone know a good tutorial on how to install and configure Samba. I have looked around and most of the tutorials are not so good when it comes to setting up the Windows side of it. I think I have done the linux side of things right (configured the smb.conf file to my liking and such) but I wont really know for sure until I can test it with windows.
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What do you mean, "set up the windows side"

Presumably, you set up Samba to offer an SMB share; what follows is nothing more than if you were attaching to a windows share elsewhere ont he network.

You may browse the local domain, or if you set up a domain in the samba config, then browse specifically to that.

Alternatively, if you know the servername you created as well as the share name (on the box) you can map a drive directly to it; \\server_name\share_name.

Am I misunderstanding you?
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Are you trying to join a samba domain or a workgroup?

The difference is authentication. If you're trying to join a Samba domain, first make sure you're not running Windows XP Home (if you are, you'll need to google up the hacks for doing it) - any other version, including XP Pro, should work just fine.

If you are running XP Home, don't worry about all the results you'll find that state it's impossible for it to connect to a samba domian - I've done it myself once so I know it can be done. I think I had to download some sort of connector to do it, but I can't even remember the name of it (it's been at least a year since I did this). Just keep digging.

For anything else, right-click "My Computer", then select Properties->Network Identification, the fields there should be pretty self-explanitory.

Depending on your windows version, you may also have to include:
Code: [ Select ]
encrypt passwords = no

in the [global] section of your smb.conf - this is mainly for Windows 98 and ME.

Also, depending on your exact version of windows, you may have to enable LDAP and Kerberos support in Samba. This is mainly for any windows version that has "Server" in the name as these distributions will not authenticate to anything but what they see as an Active Directory domain (CIFS,LDAP and Kerberos). Generally speaking, you won't have to worry about this unless you're setting up an office.

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