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I have recentlly installed fedora core 2 on my pc along with windows OS. Internet is working fine but I am not able to see other computers over the LAN . I have also tried samba server after googling a lot.
I issued following commands
# service smb start
#chkconfig smb on

and aslo tried to #locate samba command to see if samba packages are istalled ........... all give a positive response.

Files that I have shared on my computer from SAMBA>> Freffrences are accessible over the network but I dont know how to see files shared by other nodes over the LAN.
I have also used smb:///<IP address> command...... evn that doesnt seem to work........... please help me out/
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Post 3+ Months Ago

are the other computers on your lan firewalled? because if so, this COULD be causing them to be invisible to fedora...

personally, i've never gotten fedora to work with samba but when i installed mepis, it worked out of the box. i didn't have to do or configure anything.

have you googled it? if so, did you see this post?
this user was running Fedora Core 2 test 3 so see if going through that helps.

one last thing - is there a specific reason you're using Fedora Core 2? lol its kind of old....

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