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I have been running a RedHat 7.3 DHCP server for about 10 months now. In the last two months I have had problems which appear to be a switch rebooting and causing problems. It still could be, but I'm looking to see if anyone has seen a similar problem. Currently the Network is token ring and I am using an IBM PCI card. I was seen during setup and is using the Olympic driver. The system is connected to a Madge Smartring switch. I've swapped out the switch twice and most recently taken everything off the switch except this one server. The switch reboots every 5-7 days and this locks up my server. I can not access any console session. I have to do a hard reboot by pressing the restart/power button on the server. I changed my logging and finally see an error when this occurs. the error is as follows:

dhcp:kernel: tr0: Auto removal error
dhcp:kernel: tr0: FDX Protocol Error

at this point the server dies.

I have run the ifconfig utility and it does not tell me what speed and mode I am running in. On the switch, which was set to AUTO/AUTO it showed I am running at 16MB/Full duplex. I hard set the switch to see if this would resolve the problem. It didn't help. The system locked up on the 17th and then again on the 19. It is occurring at varying times and doesn't appear to be related to any specific activity or load. I just started using Linux about 18 months ago on my own, are there any good HOWTO's on how to manually set speeds, duplex etc on NIC's.

Thanks for any help

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