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Hello all.... I am trying to install Red Hat 9 on a SATA HD. The sata controller is onboard and don't know how to go about doing this. I am ultimately going to have both WinXP Pro and Linux in a Dual Boot format with two seperate HD's. I am also going to be using two removeable drives to use as a backup of the main HD's.

I already have XP installed on one of the HD's and now need to continue installing the Red Had 9 on the other hard drive. I have disconnected all the HD's except the one I want to install it on, but it tells me there is no drive in which to install files to, errors out and closes the install.

With XP I need to install the Driver for the SATA controller during the install but did not see anything like that for Red Hat 9??? I have been reading some google searches saying that Linux should support the SATA without needing the driver but for some reason I can't get it going. Is it that Red Hat 9 is too old for SATA??? I did see that the Linux probe found the PCI SATA Card I have installed for the removable HD's but don't know if it is okay for me to install on this device and move over to mainboard device later or if I should just use this device for both Main and Secondary Linux Drive and the Onboard SATA controller for XP??? Someone please help as I am kinda lost.


Hardware Config:

MSI Mainboard with SiS chipset 661FM2
Pentium 4 2.26
4 230GB SATA HD's (2 Removable, 2 Fixed)
2 IDE CD Drives (1 DVD/RW, 1 CD/RW)
7 in 1 USB (internal) Card Reader
PCI SATA Controller (2 Port)


Ok... so I have sucessfully installed Linux on the second HD (SATA) and now have both fixed HD's booting to WindowsXP and Linux. However I don't have a dual boot option during startup. Instead I have to disconnect my primary master SATA drive with XP on it to boot to Linux and have to reconnect it to get to XP. I guess I need to edit the boot.ini file to accomplish this task, however I don't know exactly what I am doing and need assistance.

(Overview: If I have all drives connected and boot normally my system goes right into Windows XP, and I have to manually disconnect the HD with XP on it to get to Linux. I need to create a Dual Boot option so that on normal startup I can select which HD I want to boot from, Windows XP or Linux)

Please help!!!!

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Post 3+ Months Ago

you dont need to edit the boot.ini file, that will just cause you problems. what you do need is a bootloader. although i am curious as to how you installed it on your other hdd as RH9 doesn't know about SATA. why not get a more updated distro? redhat no longer supports RH9.. i'd suggest fedora.

but back to the bootloader.. the popular kids on the block are GRUB and LILO. GRUB is the default booloader for fedora, which personally i like, however some people like LILO.

LILO : ... 1090.shtml

GRUB tutorial : ... HOWTO.html
LILO tutorial :

hope this helps.

btw, when you install fedora.. it'll install & configure the bootloader for you so you wouldn't have to mess with anything. so then you'd get a more updated distro which is sponsored by redhat, and you wouldn't have to mess with the bootloader and possibly corrupting your hard drive(s) :) just a thought..

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