Newbie on MTA and multiple domains

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hi all,

need help with mailing system, I got into this new company, they left me with a linux box supposedly running postfix as MTA towards and exchange server.

we are now in the process of changing domain names.

i tried setting up virtual mails, transport, inbound gateways on postfix but it just wouldnt accept any mail for the new domain.

from yahoo i run test mails and get the ff: error

<ipaddress> does not like recipient.
Remote host said: 550 Relaying denied
Giving up on <ipaddress>

whats wierd is i'd disable postfix, make sure that sendmail is not running too. but i stil get mail, port 25 is still open
it's mind boggling, specially that im a newbie

is this normal?
is there something im ovelooking?

help please. :?:
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I am going to assume that someone set up the box to run postfix as a mail relay -- which is a "good thing"(TM), since it can handle UCE filtering, bounces and the like.
In that case, you need to check your /etc/postfix/ to ensure it is configured properly, (specifically the mynetworks variable) . There may be some configuration variables on the exchange server, though I don't see how. Your new mail "router" is merely passing the appropriate messages back to the actual MTA.

It sounds like a simple config issue with the postfix configuation.


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