Please see :) How to become a LINUX-UNIX admin ''expert''

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Hello to all Linux fan's and user's :)

I want to become a Linux network adminstrator ''expert'' if I can say so ;).The point is that I managed and build myself a base with : basicaly comand's used in inux , firewalling+routing maded by iptables/ipchains , configuring server's like you know : FTP , HTTP , MAIL , SAMBA , DHCP and a lot more.

What I'm asking to you , if someone want to help me ( if you do want to help me , please help , and really explain in a ''large number'' what I ask to make me and idea what to study next).

I'm asking point to point what has to know a Linux adminstrator ''expert'' , what type of server's to configure , what distro-s to user , what about routing and everyting else you'l like to tell me he has to know , maybe on you own experice :) P.S. : some documentation of each chapter , Linux adminstrator has to know , free documentation , tutorial link's would be help to me :)

And another point , the same question's like up , what do I have to know about UNIX like ( FreeBSD , Solaris , Minix , Irix ) , free documentation , tutorial link's would be a pleasure to.

Hope than disturbing youu all so much , who want's to help me ;) become my guest ;)
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I am uncertain what you really expect, or even desire from your request.

If you are looking for some topics to get you started, I suggest the 'sticky' at the top of this forum.

If what you want to know is the single-most important element of transforming oneself into an 'expert' in this field ... I am forced to respond with "TIME".

I would consider myself an 'expert'. I work in the field, and have for more that 20 years. I can write my own code, and compile kernels with confidence on more than 30 different *nix varieties. However, in spite of my constant reading, developing and working I still find myself learning from others every day. What is an expert? I don't know ... I say that I consider myself one if for no other reason than that I put in my time. ;) I doubt one man could ever learn it 'all', per se. Just do the best you can; work diligently. Be not concerned with classifying yourself as an expert as it's more important to do it, than talk about it.


(BTW, nice to see you not using the Taipei TW proxy anymore. )

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