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We have an exe which takes care of all the printing requests ,each request is assigned a print type.For printing purpose we have set up pritnt types and corresponding to each print type there is a cotrol file which is basically a sql querry to fetch records for that print type.A extractor gdx takes this control file as input gives output as the files containing the actual data fetched from database. The records which are fetched with the help of this control file is put in a temporary file and is then sent to printer.
Now what is happening is the input from the control file to the gdx extractor gets truncated as you can see in the log file below and so the printer starts printing all the records . The problem is that this doesn't happens all the time , say 1 out of 6 times. there isn't any memory problem in the directory where the temporary file gets created.
If any one can suggest me what may be the problem

7/12/2005|13:15:20|Req 3665048|Start|GDX|Control file /apps/apps/smis/prod/eagle6//files/mrspec//fdx_data.ctrl
7/12/2005|13:15:20|Req 3665048|Ended|GDX|Control file /apps/apps/smis/prod/eagle6//files/mrspec//fdx_data.ctrl
7/12/2005|13:15:21|Req 3665048|Start|MR|Spec file /apps/apps/smis/prod/eagle6//files/mrspec//fdx_data.spec
7/12/2005|13:15:21|Req 3665048|Ended|MR|Spec file /apps/apps/smis/prod/eagle6//files/mrspec//fdx_data.spec
7/12/2005|13:15:21|Req 3665048|Print Type PPFDX|Ended
7/12/2005|13:15:21|Req 3665048|Print Type PPSCM|Start|Criteria|WHSE_SHORT_DESC Indy|WHSE_LONG_DESC Indianapolis Dist Ct|WHSE_ADDR1 Thomson Inc.|WHSE_ADDR2 |WHSE_ ?????????(truncattion)
7/12/2005|13:15:21|Req 3665048|Start|GDX|Control file /apps/apps/smis/prod/eagle6//files/mrspec/custom//pnp_scm_data.ctrl
7/12/2005|13:15:21|Req 3665048|Ended|GDX|Control

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