Problems installing Redhat 9, bad blocks?

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Yo everybody :) I stumbled upon this forum looking for answers to a few linux questions and it turns out this site has alot of good info. Anyway, I recently acquired Redhat 9 installation CD's, shrunk down my windows partition, and went to work installing. I got Redhat installed, but every time after that I tried to boot it, it would hang on "Checking Module Dependencies" (I let it sit for about 8 hours while I was sleeping, so I'm gonna go ahead and assume theres a problem). I decided to reinstall just to make sure it wasn't a bad installation or something, and in the process noticed Disk Druids ability to check for bad blocks on the partition, so I enabled that thinking it would solve the problem and voila, it says there are bad blocks. The check never fully completes (that is the blue bar doesnt get to 100%). It always stops just a little bit short of finishing, and tells me it found bad blocks.

Trying to think of a quick solution, I decided to shrink the end of the linux partition to see if i could get the bad blocks out, but it still says there are bad blocks. Even after cutting 500mb off of it. So I'm guessing it finds them but doesn't notify till the end?

Anyway, I'm really lost on how to cure the bad blocks. I know there are utilities that map them out so that the OS wont try and place data there, but that's kind of hard to do when your OS won't install correctly or even fully boot. So I'm stuck ! Thanks in advance for any help, it's much appreciated!

Once again, very nice forums :D

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