2 Questions: Permissions + SSH client for windows

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hey, i'm new to these forums n this is my first post n all

Anyways, here's my problem i'm trying to start up a webserver using linux, php, mysql and linux... and here are a couple of my questions

I'm wondering if there is any windows application that will allow me to communicate over SSH, i'm happy to use linux on my server but unfortunately i travel around alot and cannot install linux on every machine i use, however i can use a non-invasive program even if it is reqiured to be installed

Also I've already got a test server with apache running on it, however i have to set the permissions on every single page which isnt exactly practicle. Is tehre a way that i can make the defult permissions on the file to allow read, and then restrict others afterwards

please speak in noob-terms, i'm not fluent in linux but i can make my way around :)
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Putty is freeware, but I recommend Secure CRT.

As for your second question, you could either reset your umask,

man umask

and/or chmod -R the directory containing your files, to catch those you already have done. The -R is recursive, and applies the same mod to all files contained therein.

As an example, typing 'umask' at the *nix prompt, will show what your umask is for the user you happen to be. (Usually it's 22).

The mask is normally applied to a 0666 value. For example, the common umask default value of 022 results in new files being created with permissions 0666 & ~022 = 0644 = rw-r--r-- in the usual case where the mode is specified as 0666)

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I use putty for accessing windows and Penguinet for accessing linux system.

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