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So there are different ways to manage your Linux box from a remote location VNC one problem is that vnc doesn't start up upon boot on fedora and many other versions I can find advice on ways to make it start up upon boot but every source i find is totally different and none of them have a definite response to the question. I am sure there is someone out there that has tried the same thing as this before but only to find a solution to it . Can you spare some help on this VNC situation if not with vnc how about ssh with xserver. all i am looking for is a simple way to manage three machines that are not even connected to a monitor.
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You have two choices, either you can run something before anybody logs in, or you can run something immediately after you log in.

To run a command right after you boot, before anybody logs in, add the command to the file /etc/rc.local:

1. Open a Terminal.
2. Become root:

su -
3. Open the file in your favorite text editor:

gedit /etc/rc.local
4. Add the command that you want to run to the end of the file, on its own line.

If you want to start a program right after you log in:

1. Log in.
2. Wait for everything to start, then start only the program that you want to start automatically from now on.
3. Log out, and put a check in the "Save Settings" box.

From now on, when you log in, that program will be automatically started. If you want to stop that program from starting automatically, just:

1. Log in.
2. Quit the program that you want to no longer automatically start.
3. Log out, and put a check in the "Save Settings" box.

The "Save Settings" check box just causes your system to always look, by default, exactly like it does right before you log out.

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