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Hi. I just leased a new box at a datacenter, and I am confused about how they have it partitioned. It has two 80gb hdds. They installed RHE so the boot partition is on the primary hdd and the other system partitions are on the secondary hdd. They then made a big empty partition on the primary hdd for me to use for anything I want, like backup file space.

So it just seems kind of weird to me, booting off the primary hdd and the rest of the system is on the secondary hdd and I am backing up files to the primary hdd. They are all about 'it's perfectly normal'.

Maybe I'm just too noobish to be able to appreciate what's going on here, been around windows too long. Is that really normal?
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Having the rest of your filesystem on a separate hd means the primary won't be accessed as much, meaning it has a smaller chance of failure. This means basically that if a drive does fail on that system, it'll probably be the secondary and therefore won't kill the system entirely, because the primary will continue to function.

For anything mission-critical running on a PC (which isn't much by definition), I'm of the mind it's better to have the drives mirror each other through cron, then have LILO try the primary for such and such seconds and if no success, switch to the secondary. This was, the only time the secondary is used is when it's mirroring the primary, and if the primary does crash, you can reboot and you'll have everything up to the last mirror (which can be done once a month, once a week, or a few times a day depending on how much data you push).

Besides, unless you're pushing full-blown movies or thousands (perhaps millions) of images from your server, you'll never use the full 80 gigs anyway. If you do, it's time to move up to a server.

There's my 2 cents

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