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I am a newbie over here. I am planning to subscribe Safesquid-Content Filtering Internet Proxy Server for my enterprise. Have any one of you use this software before? Any feedback will be appreciated.

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Hi davidwalton,

This is vijayan From SafeSquid.
It is a Content Filtering proxy server. Which you define Bandwith for particular site of users , So u save your bandwith.You can block site like mail,porn etc... You can allow particular sites for user so they can allow oly that sites which we have mentioned.You know just go to site

This are all Feature in SafeSquid
* Authentication
* Chains with other Proxy or Firewall
* Enhanced Surfing
* Browser-based GUI
* Bandwidth Management
* Redundant level Content Security
* Web-page / Web-Site Blocking
* Content Re-Write
* Content Pre-Fetching
* Content Caching
* Virus Filter
* Image (Pornography) filter
* Customisable Log Reports.


Team SafeSquid

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