[SOLVED]Sendmail via Ubuntu and an Exchange Server

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Hi all,
I have sendmail installed and working on an Ubuntu box. when i say working i mean that i can sendmail < mail.txt to gmail and yahoo and it sends the mail. :)

However, i have an exchange server in my local domain that will not accept mail from sendmail. I have enabled a receive connector on my exchange box that is set to the IP of the Ubuntu server and i can telnet message to the exchange server fine. HOWEVER, when i use sendmail to send to exchange, from what i can tell, the exchange box is seeing the mails as coming from localhost and not from NameofServer so it is rejecting the mail.

How can this be resolved.
Oh, ubuntu server is a test machine at this time so is not actually joined to our domain but it is on the same network and subnet and behind same firewall.

Thank you!

btw i am about 1 month into trying to figure this out... :evil:

Okay, so after some more reading here was the solution if anyone else is interested...

1 - clean install of sendmail.
2 - create a text file in /etc/mail called mailertable
3 - in this file add line.
Code: [ Select ]
domain name   relay:[ip address of exchange]

note, you have to have the square brackets around the ip address
4 - save and exit
5 - run
Code: [ Select ]
makemap -v hash mailertable < mailertable

6 - go into the sendmail mc file and add a line right after FEATURE(`access_db', , ...) line that contains this:
Code: [ Select ]
FEATURE(`mailertable', `hash -o /etc/mail/mailertable"period here"db')dnl

Save and exit.
7 - reconfig sendmail by running
Code: [ Select ]

8 - restart sendmail. that should do it.

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Post 3+ Months Ago

Thank you for sharing your solution!

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