Steam,free-bsd server, rc firewall.... what to do?

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Could anyone tell me how I can allow steam trough my rc.firewall I'm running on a freebsd-server???? :?: I bought hl2 recently and I want to play online, thats why I bought it :oops: , but I tried to search for games in steam and it told me steam couldn't contact the master games server to retrieve the server list. Wich makes sense because I'm behind an rc.firewall installed on the server. So then I allowed some of the ip's to contact it. And it worked, I could see a lot of servers (not all though). But as soon as I tried to join one the ping would go up from 26 till 2000 and steam won't join any, it just displays server information but it won't join.... at all the servers.... The logical thing to do is to allow more, or a small range, BUT steam has a very wide range between the numbers :S and not just last.... I'm not that good with connections and stuff(so don't even try correcting things i say wrong :)), but I figured some one here on ozzu might know what to do?! :?: ??! :!: ?! :?: I would sure be glad if some one could help me out with this problem! thank you for your time :D

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this happen to me, i just fixed it like half-an hour ago the problem for me was not in my firewall it was in my norton internet security (whichi i turned off), which later worked. This website helped me out, if my info doesn't work check this out: ... 12975.html
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So you've set up a freebsd firewall, and you're not sure how to manage it?

UH, well. What level do you have it set to? Open? You really should make your changes in /etc/rc.firewall.local, and put this into rc.conf;

Also, you have to open up the following ports, IIRC;

1200 (UDP)
27000-27015 (UDP)
27030-27039 (TCP)

That should do it.


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