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Hey guys, I'm setting up a linux lab at my school, and we installed Suse (just cause it's easy to setup and yea...) anyways everything was working fine for a whole month (took me a month to setup) but when I went to start ghosting all the computers (using partimage a linux ghost clone) something really odd happened.

Partimage comes with it's own daemon that can basically act as a server for the images I've made and when run on another computer partimage will connect to the network and grab the image and write it to disk. But a few days ago when I tried it everything seemed fine, I didn't get the time to actually copy an image but the service seemed to run and the partition was all set.

Today when I went in to try ghosting it, I discovered that Suse had mysteriously changed to IPv6 and couldn't connect to the network, and I know for sure I didn't (purposely) install the IPv6 module but its installed there anyways.

I was wondering if anyone had any idea how to get rid of IPv6 and if anyone knows what could have made it change like that.

Thanks in advance.[/url]
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for the why, you may want to check here:
as it tells you how its done. because if you know how its installed, then you can determine the possiblities of what happened. but also, to uninstall, try this site: ... .htm#Linux

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