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Sorry guys, I don't have extra time to browse the entire forum/site to find the answers I need. So I decided to create a new topic. I really want to jump in to Linux OS but I have no idea on where to start on. All I know is that it has many distro?!? (not familiar with Linux jargons yet). Now, I am on the process of choosing which Linux to install. I have read some forum/site and they recommend different names. So I decide to ask you guys. Some said that redhat/mandrake is good for beginner for its GUI. Some said SuSe is good because it is easy to install. Others said slackware is good so that you will learn how to configure stuff and would not relly on GUI. I currently have a copy of Knoppix and Slackware (sorry, I haven't check for the version).

Now, I'm conducting a survery on which linux distribution is the best for beginner. Please indicate the list of advantages and disadvantage; and a brief explanation on why you recommend it. Please be more specific on the applications included on each version (tell me what it does). I dont want to do a poll questions because my objective is to look for the one which has the most advantage and the least disadvantage for newbies.

It seems like a very dumb question as of a moment, but I have spent some time trying to look for answers, but haven't found one. BTW, for newbies sake, please speak as basic as possible.

BTW, as I surf on the net. I realize that choosing a version of Linux to install is like choosing the brand of clothes to wear. I think it does not matter on what color, size or style it is, as long as it suite your taste. Is my concept right? For now, I think I will try to install slackware, :shock:
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I think the answer to that question depends upon the answer to this one; What do you intend to do with Linux?

If your goals are to learn the OS, in an effort to use it in some sort of serving environment, or work as a sysad... even if it's just to learn the ins and outs of how protocol stacks work then perhaps a not-so-friendly one is best. This would require a lot of reading and effort to make it work as you would like it to, but that means more reward when it finally reaches that point.
If you want to run a linux desktop, just to have one than a more easily installed version might be right for you.
I am not trying to sound condescending, it really does matter for which purpose you intend to use it for.

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Linux can be used for many different things. I feel however that for a beginner, or someone that is new to linux a "distro" or distribution, such as SuSe or Mandrake would be the best. SuSe I feel is the best all aound, but the net install is somewhat difficult the first time round. Mandrake is great also and packed with a lot of multimedia features. As was however stated in the above post it is difficult to get back to you when you dont talk much about what you want to use linux for.


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