The Switch (RedHat 6.3 to 9.0)

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I've heard some people saying there are some differences in commands???

Watz the big difference, i know i'm a little behind.. i'll ketchup.
I know theres difference in the kde and gnome and the gui'z.

What else though? OH and besides that RedHat 6.3 is like 1 cd and RedHat 9.0 is 3... [blur]HOly Crap,[/blur] wat could linux have in 3 cd's now?


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Post 3+ Months Ago

hi dude

there is no differance in command's od kde and gnome. its one and the same. you can try some of the commands from following lnk.

regarding cd............ the additional cd is some extra utilities they have added in the new software. fedora core 2 have 4 cd.[/url]

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