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Having a problem with Red Hat Ver 7.2. Try to log at machine as root and get a login error.Telnet to machine and execute su command and get this error after entering the correct password "su: cannot set groups: Operation not permitted" If I enter an incorrrect password it reports inccorect password. Able to log on under other user ID's.
Just wanted to try to fix it before reinstalling from scracth.Been up over a year without a problem,can't say that about any Windows machine.

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Have you tried looking at your groups file in /etc/groups to see if its still intact? That is kind of an odd error, and worrysome too because you really cannot change many system files without being root, which you might have to be to fix this problem.

Anyway you got access to your logfiles? I am guessing probably not. Anything suspicious happening to your box recently? or what kind of changes did you make to the box recently that may have caused this? Have you logged on as root recently?

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