Wierd installation problem with Linux ?

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Hey !

PC Specifications :

I have Pentium 4, 1 GB RAM , 64 MB Video Card. I just now bought a new 250GB Hard disk, I also have a 40 GB Hard Disk as slave.

more Details about my PC

I have Ubuntu ( 5 , 6 and Even 7.04) , Freespire Linux versions. When ever i am trying to install Ubuntu Linux (V 5), system reboots automatically. I tried installing new versions of Ubuntu and Freespire, i m getting a black screen with some message like this " INT 0005399 STACK err0000000.....blah bla ".

I tried Live CDS of Ubuntu and other linux versions, still having the same problem. Also tried starting Linux in Safe Graphics Mode. But no use..!

I have Installed Linux in Pentium 3 with 256 MB ram, but why it is not working with P 4 ?
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Restore defaults in the BIOS. Make sure that the jumpers are set correctly on the drives and the drives are positioned correctly on the cable. The master should be at the end of the cable. If it still doesn't work, eliminate the 40GB HD and see what happens.
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also - on the ubuntu cd's at the boot menu, the 4th or 5th option down is to run memtest or to test your memory.. something to that effect. try running that program and let it do a pass through your ram to see if it comes up with any errors.

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