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Hi guys,

I have a situation where I have to install 2 copies of Windows XP and a copy of Slackware 10 on the same harddisk.

I do not know if this is possible and I have tried before with Redhat but Redhat only allows 1 copy of Windows followed by the Redhat, if I tried to install 2 windows and then install Redhat, I will not be able to boot Redhat.

I also know that for multiple OS with Redhat, Windows have to be installed this the same for Slackware.

Any help will be greatly appreciated...
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I have two windows OS's, and slackware on one machine (though, on two hard drives.)

I would install windows first, then get partition magic, or something like that, (I think knoppix has a partition maker program, you can just boot from the cd with that linux distro)

then you set up a few partitions (should be different sizes, so it will be easier to know which is to go where, if the dirve letters get mixed around) I would make one for each windows install (just keep the one where you are running windows from, at the time), a small one for the swap (mayge just 100mb, higher if a bigger drive and not as much ram) then one for the slackware install.
Then install your second windows XP (if the first one is still there) and when you install, it should have an option on where to install, make sure you select the right drive letter. Then when the two windows XPs are installed, when you start up, you should have a windows boot manager to select which one to start up.
Now install slackware in the partition you made for slackware, (slackware is not as user friendly as red hat, so even trying to get a book at the library for installing slackware, or printing off a guide, would help a lot) then while slackware is installing it will ask about lilo, You should be able to change some settings, it should be pretty straight forward, but lilo might only show one windows boot, that should be fine, because after slackware is installed, while you are starting up, lilo will pop-up with windows or linux, then if you select windows, the windows boot manager will pop-up with which winxp to select.

I suggest making the times relativly short if you use one os (make this one the defualt) a lot more then the other ones.

I hope I helped a bit....

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