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Hey Guys,

Further to another thread I just wondered what people thought was the minimum resolution a commercial website needs to display correctly in :?:

I always design/develop a site to display correctly in 8*6, nothing to do with technology but based on peoples eyesight. My own mother has a nice 15" TFT but always has the resolution set to 8*6 because at nearly 70 her eyesight isn't as good as it once was. I could buy her a 19" TFT but she wouldn't change the resolution. I thought 8*6 was the accepted industry standard for some time ... Am i wrong ... :roll: :oops: ... Any contractor out there think different ... :?:

Cheers, Prime ... :D
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resolution should be based on your audience. If 70 year old women are your audience then design for them. If smart phone users are your target audience then 800x600 is way to big.

However, the above link shows typical resolution settings, remembering of course that those people would have to have a window maximized to view a site at that resolution

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